Ibiza Tattoos Chic (classic)


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Ibiza Tattoos Chic


A necklace or bracelet tattoo and more!

Whether you go to a birthday party or a festival, with the temporary tattoos from the Ibiza Tattoos chic collection you’ll always look good. This collection is especially popular for the metallic tattoos that resemble a necklace or a bracelet. This set also contains tattoos of peacock feathers in gold and silver, stars, holographic prints and an awesome eagle. Combine these tattoos with your own jewelry, pimp your look with the other Ibiza Tattoos and design your own unique look.

Contents of the Ibiza Tattoos Chic set:
Ibiza Tattoos Chic contains two separate tattoo sheets, an envelope and a manual.

View our brochure and manual here! коттедж тольятти ensembles lingerie pas cher


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